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Re: Connection to Quartermans of Liberty Co

>While I am not a Q descendant, several branches of my Dad's family has lived i
>n present Long Co since the late 1700s or early 1800s.  I have being doing gen
>e for almost 50 yrs and have numerous cousins with Q Fam connections.  In my c
>omputer I have several unpublished books: (1) Census of Liberty Co 1820-1920 w
>hich is missing only 1920; (2) Cemetery Inscriptions in and near Long Co.  I h
>ave researched the Midway families out of personal interest.  Looks like I'm j
>ust about out of space unless this scroll bar misleads.  Can attachments be ma
>de to email?  How?  I have 3 email addrs: garrason@netscape.net as shown, cald
>er7@netscape.net and garrason@bellsouth.net.  Thanks. CCGarrason.

Good to hear from you.

It's best to send information in plain text, rather than as attachments.

As you apparently discovered later, you don't have to use the web form
to send mail; any mail program will do.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>