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No Subject

Subject: Liberty-Long County Mythmaker

My Reference No: L-000226-1

Concerning . . .
  A family historian, so-called, who could not tolerate any blank spaces
on his family group sheet forms.

  A fairly close relative of mine, now deceased, styled himself a family
historian.  Just to show what a nice fellow I am, I refuse to identify him
by name.  He grew up in the Rye Patch community of Liberty (now Long)
Co., Ga. On a farm adjoining that on which my Grandfather Garrason
lived and left home after reaching adulthood.
  He fabricated material rather than say he did not know something. 
What is particularly difficult to understand is why he made up dates that
were READILY AVAILABLE on tombstones in nearby cemeteries, in
Family Bibles, from other relatives.  But, it is obvious that he sat there in
his parents' home and conjured up dates, names and other "facts".
  Unfortunately he shared much of  his material with the late Judge Folks
Huxford of Homerville, GA and those fabrications found their way into
sketches in the Judge's "Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia".
  It is not necessary for me to take up a lot of space on this Quarterman
mailing list discussing the webmaster.  All I have to do is give you some
internet addresses to pages on my own website (garrason.com).  Go to
any of these for additional information.

garrason.com/zccg/Baggs/bg91myths.htm . . . . . for some fabrications.

garrason.com/zccg/dennison/de91myths.htm . . . . . for more.

garrason.com/zccg/smith/sm05OpenLetter/htm . . . . . is an open letter to
Smith descendants telling how the Mythmaker fabricated TWO
generations of ancestors and other "facts".  Note:  In the address, the "0"
in "05" is the number "oh".  The "O" in "OpenLetter" is the capital letter

garrason.com/zccg/webmaster/Mythmaker/htm . . . . . is a short sketch of
the Mythmaker.

garrason.com/zccg/webmaster/wb01file.htm . . . . . is a short sketch of
this Webmaster, CCG.

Here's to a myth-stake free genealogy!  C. Calder Garrason