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Connection to Quartermans of Liberty Co

While I am not a Q descendant, several branches of my Dad's family has lived in present Long Co since the late 1700s or early 1800s.  I have being doing gene for almost 50 yrs and have numerous cousins with Q Fam connections.  In my computer I have several unpublished books: (1) Census of Liberty Co 1820-1920 which is missing only 1920; (2) Cemetery Inscriptions in and near Long Co.  I have researched the Midway families out of personal interest.  Looks like I'm just about out of space unless this scroll bar misleads.  Can attachments be made to email?  How?  I have 3 email addrs: garrason@netscape.net as shown, calder7@netscape.net and garrason@bellsouth.net.  Thanks. CCGarrason.