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Midway URL

Ran across this National Park Service page:


 Once an influential center for political, economic, and religious life, the
 colonial town of Midway was founded by New England Puritans in 1752.
 These colonists were strongly in favor of independence from Great
 Britain, and during the Revolution the church and most of the buildings in
 the town were burned by the British. The church was rebuilt in 1792. Also
 remaining to represent the colonial era of Midway are the historic 1756
 cemetery and a segment of the historic "Old Sunbury Road" now a portion
 of Georgia highway 38. The Midway Museum, a raised cottage style
 house typical of those built on the coast in the 18th century, features
 exhibits, documents, and furnishings commemorating 18th and early 19th
 century life.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>