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Suggested Correction to 67 John F Andrews [QF, [146]

To: quarterman@mids.org
From: C. Calder Garrason, garrason@netscape.net 
Subject: Suggested mis-identification of 67 John F. Andrews [QF, p146]

My Reference No: Q-000222-1

Concerning . . .
67 John F. Andrews [QF, p146],
	listed as s/o Micajah Andrews & 27 Ann Quarterman [QF, p112]
	born 9 Nov 1809, chr 11 Feb 1810
	[Note that Stacy, Records did not give any middle initial.]
	married 24 Jul 1849 Ann E. Mikell

[1] The 1850 census of Liberty Co, 15th GMD, p329R, Dwelling 315,
family 317, shows:
	John F. Andrews, wheelright, age 20, b GA [suggesting 1830 as his
YOB] with [assumed wife] Ann E. Andrews, age 18, b GA.

[2] Listed as living next door to the above John F. Andrews in the same
1850 Census, same page, dwelling 314, family 316, was the family of:
	John S. Andrews, planter, age 40, b GA.  That would make his YOB
1809/10 and a much more likely candidate to have been son of Micajah &
Ann.  His wife in this census and in three later ones was listed as Hannah. 
More on John S. and family later.

[3] I have not been able to identify John F.'s parents, but, because I am not
an Andrew(s) descendant, I have not exhausted all sources, some of which
I am sure I am not even aware of.  However, the proximity of the homes of
John S. and John F. would "suggest" father and son.  Another fact supports
that suggestion and should encourage a serious Andrew(s) researcher to
check it out.  In the 1840 Census, Liberty Co, 15th GMD, p191, the
enumerator listed the home of John S. Andrews and counted 1 male in his
30s (John S.) and 1 male aged 15-19.  This younger male "could have been"
John F. counted in the wrong age group - he would have been about 10 years

[4] Should John F. be found to have been John S.'s son, it then "would
appear" that John S. was married twice, with the unknown first wife having
been John F.'s mother.  In four censuses, Hannah's age consistently suggests
she was born 1820, only 10 years before John F.  "Assuming" those ages are
more or less correct, Hannah could not have been John F.'s mother!
	She was mother of John S.'s daughter Annetta (b c1839 per 1850
census) so the female counted as 15-19 in the 1840 census would have been
Hannah, the one counted as under-5 would have been Annetta.

Therefore, I suggest that on p112 of QF, the line for Micajah & Ann's son
be changed to read:

	67 John Stacy Andrews, b. 9 Nov 1809, Liberty Co., Ga.

On page 146,  Section 67 should begin:

	67 John Stacy Andrews.

I can give additional information on the family of John S. Andrews, but will
hold that until another posting.  I don't want to inundate anyone with too
much data here at the start.  However, I will include abstracts of two
newspaper articles (for what they are worth) to show the connection
between John Andrews  Ann Etta Andrews  Daughter Andrews married
Smith [in QF, p146] and John Stacy Andrews - Clara Annette Andrews 
and her husband Joel William Smith [to which I propose your record be

My personal abstract of news article . . .
"Ludowici News", Thursday, 13 Mar 1930
  [p1,c4] Article: Mrs Nettie Andrews Smith, daughter of late John Stacy
Andrews and Hannah McCall, celebrates her 91st birthday; married in
1857 to Joel W Smith.  Children: Mrs W M Keaton & Mrs Florence
Blackburn of Waycross and Mrs Alice Griffin & Mrs W M Miller of

My personal abstract of obituary . . .
"Ludowici News", Thursday, 16 Jun 1932
  [p1,c1] Died: on Sun at home, Aunt Net Smith, 93, born 8 Mar 1839 one
mile from Midway Church in Liberty Co, daughter of John Stacy Andrews
[given as "Adams"] and Hannah McCall, widow of of Joel W Smith whom she
married in 1857 and who died in 1908, buried in Jones Creek Cemetery;
daughters: Mrs W W Keaton & Mrs Florence Blackburn of Waycross and
Mrs W M Miller & Mrs Alice Griffin of Ludowici.

The grave marker for Clara Annette (Andrews) Smith in Jones Creek
Baptist Church Cemetery, near Ludowici in Long County, Georgia, reads:

 NETTIE (ANDREWS) SMITH / 9 Mar 1839 - 12 Jun 1932 / wife of J.
W. Smith

The article "Military Career of Joseph L. Andrews" in "Liberty County 
A Pictorial History" [p146] mentions "...my sister's husband, Joel W.

Well, I cannot let the above pass without telling how I connect to this Smith
	First, let me explain that the Mrs. Alice Griffin ("Cousin Alice")
mentioned above, daughter of Clara Annette (Andrews) Smith, was born
Alice Lynwood Smith (1866-1954).  Her father, Joel William Smith (1838- 1908), was a son of William Baxter Smith ("Pioneers of Wiregrass Ga", v5)
& Mary Ann Hodges.  JWS was a first cousin to my great-grandmother
Charity Annette (Smith) Garrason and a double first cousin to my great- grandmother Martha Ann (Hodges) Stewart.
	Cousin Alice was the third wife of her first husband, Thomas
Jefferson Chapman.  TJC's second wife was Mary Alverda Baggs, cousin
of my g-grm Garrason.  Cousin Alice's sister (Mrs. Miller) above was the
second wife of William Morgan Miller, whose first wife was Frances Isabel
Gordon, another cousin of my g-grm Garrason.
	It gets even more involved than that, but none of it is incest. :-) 
After Chapman's death, Cousin Alice married T. A. Davis, she buried him
and then married Frank B. Griffin, widower of her sister Bertha Smith. 
After burying Griffin, she married William H. Morrison.
	In the 1950's, when we lived in Alma, GA, Cousin Alice lived there
with her step-daughter Margaret (Chapman) Bennett.  After I developed an
interest in genealogy I spent numerous afternoons talking with her.  She
died shortly after I graduated from high school.  Is it disrespectful to smile
when I see Frank B. Griffin's grave between those of his wives
Bertha and Alice in Jones Creek Cemetery?
  C. Calder Garrason