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Re: Quarterman ancestor

>With respect to IGI, John, you remember tha Jane sent material to them,
>asking for connections, with the required fee, and had returned to her
>exactly what she had sent them-- and no refund!  Elsie

That does sound familiar.

Sometimes the IGI can be useful for leads, but it's usually not prudent
to depend on them as a source.  In this case, the IGI led Jim to follow
up for further information.

This Robert Quarterman was your great-great-great grandfather, Elsie;
his daughter Rebecca, sister of Jim's ancestor Ann, was Edward William
Quarterman's mother:
 	daughter: Rebecca QUARTERMAN
 	son: Edward William QUARTERMAN
 	son: Thomas Shepard QUARTERMAN
 	son: David Sinclair QUARTERMAN
 	daughter: Elsie QUARTERMAN Ph.D.
Thus Jim is approximately your fourth cousin.

The dates we have in the database and in the book for this Robert
are from his epitaph in Midway Cemetery, from Stacy, and
from other reliable sources.  His epitaph reads:

                            Here lies
                         the Remains of
                      Mr. Robert Quarterman
                  who was born March 27th, 1742
                     and departed this Life
                        Octr. 29th, 1786
                Aged 44 Years 5 months & 2 days.
                   He was a sincere Christian,
                    an affectionate Husband,
                    a tender Father & a kind
              Far from this World of toil & strife
                   He's present with the Lord
                 The labours of his Mortal Life
                      End in a large Reward

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>>>My info on his dob was obtained through the IGI, which is notoriously 
>>If I recall correctly, there was some confusion about this Robert
>>Quarterman's birthdate.  I seem to recall trying to sort out which
>>Robert Quarterman tombstone in Midway Cemetery was his, and also maybe
>>there was an error in Stacy.
>>David Leon, do you remember any of this, or am I just imagining it?