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Re: Quarterman ancestor

Hi Guys:

After receiving the Quarterman book and reviewing the marriages of Lydia
Ann Andrews, I have had to review the method by which I have determined
that Lydia was my ancestor.  And I am about to sadly conclude that my
suppositions were all inaccurate.  I now believe that I have pursued the
wrong Andrews.  Although names and dates are eerily same or close,
my Lydia Ann I know with certainty, married Benjamin Pulliam in Franklin co,
NC, and came west to Ripley county, MO, where she died in 1860 while
in childbirth.  The Lydia Ann, daughter of Micajah Andrews and Ann Q.
is listed as marrying three times, none of them to a Pulliam.  Unless the
book statements are incorrect, my suppostions are completely incorrect,
and I must pursue the search for the correct Andrews in NC.

I have enjoyed the messages and searches, but I evidently am not eligible
to be a member of THE QUARTERMAN CLAN.  Best of luck to you all.