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Re: book orders

>Dear John, thank you for your response as to my impending purchase of the 
>Quarterman Family book.  I am assuming that I will send you a check for 
>$138.00 (TWO books, plus shipping)...if this is not correct, please let me 
>know the adjusted balance...thanks.  And, as a side note, would you be 
>inclined to sign ONE of the books for me?  I am planning on giving one to my 
>Father (John Maye Quarterman, Jr.) for his birthday (60th).  I would so 
>appreciate your signature from one John Q to another...Please let me 
>know...Faithfully, Lee Q.

Sure, I'll sign it.

Yes, $138 for two books plus shipping.  Here is the schedule of prices
and the address to send it to, from http://www.quarterman.org/

Quarterman Book Order Form

Here is a price list and order form. 


The list price of the book is $65.00, plus shipping and tax. 
  Shipping (UPS)
             1-4 $8
             5-9 $12
            10-up $20
 Overseas airmail (varies)

Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax. 

If you send a check for your payment,
please make it out to Quarterman Family History Project. 

If you mail your order on paper, please send it to: 

Quarterman Book
c/o MIDS
1106 Clayton Lane Suite 501W
Austin, TX  78723