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Another Quarterman ancestor

      Do you have any information about another ancestor of ours? She was 
Annie Quarterman of Natchez, MS. We do not have birth dates, but she died in 
1864 at Quitman Plantation outside of Natchez, where she had gone to flee the 
Civil War. She was married to Alonza Ripley Tyler who was born in Worchester, 
Mass., but lived in Natchez and died there in 1887. We have records the 
Tylers and her daughter from that point on, but are having a difficult time 
with the maternal line.
     We have hit the "brick wall" with this Annie Quarterman. There were 
other Quartermans living in Natchez at the time, but we cannot make a valid 
connection with them at this point. Any scrap of information or suggestions 
would be greatly appreciated.
      Dorothy O'Neill (Djaneo@aol.com)