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Quarterman Dates

Quarterman Dates:

December 23
1574: Assasination of Charles de Guise., (Plotted by Catharina de Médicis)
1783: Washington resigns, as United States Army's commander-in-chief
1825: Lowndes Co., Thomas Co. Source: PHLC
1913: US Federal Reserve system, authorized
1973: Six Persian Gulf nations double their oil prices,
2012: Fatima 3,
Third secret of Fatima

December 24
1814: War of 1812 [end], Source: ToW
1814: Treaty of Ghent, Source: ToW
1814: Treaty of Ghent, signed ending War of 1812. (This news did not arrive until after Battle of New Orleans.)
1851: Fire devastates Library of Congress, in Wash destroys 35 000 volumes
1865: Ku Klux Klan, Several Confederate veterans form the Ku Klux Klan in Pulaski Tn.
2012: Nazi leaders put on trial at Nuremberg Germany. 1945, 20 November

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