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Rycott (was Re: Quatremayne of Thame and Fowler)

Here's another chart that shows the pedigree of Sir Richard Fowler,
son of Richard Fowler Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster,
according to Lee.  Note the warning in the chart that there are
known errors; the errors I know about are in a different part
of the chart than the part I'm going to write about here.

Note how Rycott starts out
 with Lord of Rycott John Rycott,
 who passes it through his daughter Katherine Rycott

 to Lord of Rycott Nicholas Clerke
 who passes it through his daughter Joane Rycott

 to Lord of Rycott Nicholas Englefield
 who passes it through his daughter Sybill Englefield (not shown)

 to Richard Quatremayne (not shown)
 Richard and Sybill died childless,
 passing it through her sister Cecily Englefield

 to Richard Fowler
 who passed it to his son

 Richard ``Quatremayne'' Fowler

For the persons not shown on this chart, see

So if Lee is correct (and sometimes he was), the descent of Rycott
to Richard Fowler was not only to the nephew of a childless couple,
it was also the regular female line primogeniture descent of Rycott
that had been going on for at least three generations already.

The Lee I'm referring to is of course
Rev. Frederick George Lee, D.D., F.S.A Vicar of All Saints, Lambeth, etc.
in his book, The History, Description, and Antiquities of the Prebendal
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Thame, In the County and Diocese of
Oxford, etc.; see

I'd be very interested in seeing other sources for the descent of Rycott,
including, but not limited to, whatever Carter says about it.

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