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Re: Quatremayne of Thame and Fowler


>The brasses in question (that we didn't find) were some that were referred
>to by JSQ in an earlier e-mail to me after I had reported visiting
>Oxfordshire, and specifically St. Mary's, Chalgrove.  They are pictured on
>the Quarterman pages


> & are not the same as the ones in St. Mary's, Thame.
>(I can't access the Quarterman site this AM

Sorry about that.  It's back up now:

> & I can't remember the name of
>the man who posted them, but they are shown under pictures from Chalgrove.)

I think you're referring to Clay Quarterman's pictures:

>Rycote Chapel was closed when we were there,

Open 2-6 PM, Friday through Sunday and Bank Holidays, April through September:


> so all we could do was
>photograph the outside.  There is major construction going on at the
>building beyond & to the left of the chapel.  Not having much knowledge
>about Rycote & its history, I don't know if this is new construction or
>renovations to an already existing building.  Our daughter-in-law, who lives
>in Maidenhead, was going to try to find out when the chapel would be open
>Nancy Reu

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