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Connie and all.
I have photos of artifacts that were found when the original Quartermain
house at Chalgrove was excavated before the land was made into a playing
field. If you or anyone else would like coppies get in touch with me at
sydquarterman@supanet.com and I will gladly send you coppies.
You may also like to know about the confrontation between Roger Quatremayn
( as it was spelt) and Archbishop William Laud. This took place around the
English Cival War period. It is in a book called Storm Center of Stuart
England by Robert Tristram Coffin. I was told by a friend who lives in New
York that there is a copy in the library thire. Roger had a book written, it
was called Quatermayn's Conquest over Canterbury's Court. I am shore that
the Bodlian library in Oxford have a copy, but they won't admit it, and
getting in there is like getting into the bank of England.

Syd Quarterman.

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