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Re: Interesting articles

Thank you for this link.  All of these articles are helpful, and I thought one was especially interesting.  The article on "Quartremaine and the Domesday Book" mentions a "William," one of the Bishop of Lincoln's men, who held land.  To support this, they reference an article in "The English Historical Review" (Feb 2001), written by John Blair of Queen's College, Oxford.  I went to the English Historical Review website, and tried to figure out how to access the article.  They were unclear whether even su bscribing to the Journal would guarantee access to the archives.

I think it would be very helpful to be able to see the article, because it sounds like Blair made a compelling case for the "William" in the Domesday book being a Quartremaine ancestor.  I've seen that speculated on elsewhere, I believe on this discussion list.  It would be very helpful to our history to link an ancestor to the Domesday Book.

Does anyone su bscribe to that journal?  Or know how we could access the article?

Here's the entry in the Domesday Book:

Of the land of the manor of Thame, Robert holds 10 hides from the Bishop; Saewold 4 hides; William 3 hides; Alfred and his associate 6 hides.
In lordship 10 ploughs;
16 villagers with 21 smallholders and 8 slaves have 10 ploughs.
Total value 20.

By the way, a "hide" of land, theoretically, was about 120 acres, although it could vary quite a bit.  It was based on the amount of land that one ox-team (consisting of eight oxen) could cultivate in one year.


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