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Quarterman Dates

   July 19

   1333: Battle of Halidon Hill, Edward III defeats Scots.

   1588: Spanish Armada in English Channel, Philip II, king of the most
   powerful nation in Europe and much of the rest of the world, Spain,
   sent an ``invincible armada'' of 125 ships against his sea-going rival
   Elizabeth I and her heretical nation of England, intending to convert
   them to the true Catholic religion. James VI of Scotland allied with
   Elizabeth in defense. The Duke of Parma was to supply soldiers from
   the Spanish Netherlands, who were to board the Armada at Calais for
   transport to Dover to march on London. Sir Francis Drake harrassed the
   Spaniards at sea. Parma did not appear at Calais.

   1698: Darien fleet sails north, Fleet sails northward from Kirkcaldy.


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