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Quarterman Dates

   July 18

   64: Great Fire of Rome, Great Fire of Rome begins (Nero didn't fiddle)

   1290: Edward I expells Jews, King Edward I of England orders expulsion
   of Jews

   1536: No Pope in England, Pope Paul III (Alessandro Farnese B 29 Feb
   1468 d 10 Nov 1549) and sucessors authority declared void in England

   1572: Wiliam of Orange, Wiliam of Orange (William III) recognized as
   viceroy of Holland/Friesland/Utrecht

   1814: B. Prairie du Chien, British defeat Americans and capture
   Prairie du Chien (Wisconsin)

   1872: secret ballot, Britain introduced the concept of voting by
   secret ballot; something new. Like all bills involving the increase of
   franchise and right of the common man in originated in the House of
   Lords. William Ewart Gladstone was Prime Minister.


   1. http://www.quarterman.org/q/timeline.html
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