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Re: Quarterman Dates

>   [1]Tomorrow:
>   May 30
>   1431: Joan of Arc, Burned at the stake in Rouen. Source: ToW
>   1630: Mary and John arrives at Nantasket, ``After seventy days'
>   sailing, they entered the harbor of Nantasket, May 30, 1630, and after
>   a few days' reconnoitering, landaed at Mattapan, where, in the course
>   of the summer, they laid off their town, which they named Dorchester,
>   in honor of the old home of so many of them in England, and also that
>   of Rev. John White, their friend and patron.'' -- Stacy, History.

Many ancestors of the Midway Quartermans were on that ship.

>   [2]``What a wondrous work of God it was, to stir up such Worthies to
>   undertake such a difficult Work as to remove themselves and their
>   Wives and Children, from their Native Country, and to leave their
>   gallant situations there, to come into the Wilderness to set up the
>   pure worship of God her! So we came, by the good hand of the Lord,
>   through the Deeps comfortably; having Preaching or Expounding the Word
>   of God every Day for Ten weeks together by our Ministers.'' -- Roger
>   Clapp, Memoirs

Roger Clapp was a prominent member of the Dorchester, Mass. group.
His Memoirs are one of the main sources for the history of those days.

As it happens, I'm going to be in Boston later today, tomorrow, and
Thursday morning.  Any relatives around there who want to go to the
Dorchester cemetery?

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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