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Quarterman Dates

   May 30

   1431: Joan of Arc, Burned at the stake in Rouen. Source: ToW

   1630: Mary and John arrives at Nantasket, ``After seventy days'
   sailing, they entered the harbor of Nantasket, May 30, 1630, and after
   a few days' reconnoitering, landaed at Mattapan, where, in the course
   of the summer, they laid off their town, which they named Dorchester,
   in honor of the old home of so many of them in England, and also that
   of Rev. John White, their friend and patron.'' -- Stacy, History.

   [2]``What a wondrous work of God it was, to stir up such Worthies to
   undertake such a difficult Work as to remove themselves and their
   Wives and Children, from their Native Country, and to leave their
   gallant situations there, to come into the Wilderness to set up the
   pure worship of God her! So we came, by the good hand of the Lord,
   through the Deeps comfortably; having Preaching or Expounding the Word
   of God every Day for Ten weeks together by our Ministers.'' -- Roger
   Clapp, Memoirs

   1940: Dunkirk [middle], [3]53,823 evacuated from Dunkirk, bringing
   total landed in England since May 27 to 126,606. [4]The nine days of
   Dunkirk were a withdrawal of land forces less all their equipment
   across the English Channel, following many military disasters in
   France. The German conquest of France was complete. The evacuation
   owed much to the unstinting bravery of the French troops fighting at
   the Dunkirk perimeter and to seven hundred brave small craft almost a
   hundred of which were lost in the evacuation of 385,000 troops, more
   than 100,000 of them French, were ferried to the waiting ships or
   taken direct to England to fight again another day.


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