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Research ideas

Dear Q Friends,

I was recently visiting in London at the Imperial War Museum (a WONDERFUL
display), and they had a database of all servicemen killed in WWI who are
buried on the mainland. Of course, I had to try various spellings, and came
up with 5 Quartermans/Quatremains/etc. on various battlefields. Anyone doing
research may want to check that source. Sorry, I didn't have time to get
details -- I entered for free an hour before closing time. (Maybe I have
some Scottish blood in there somewhere.)

I've often wondered about the Robert Quarterman who just "shows up" in South
Carolina in 1694. Could he have been perhaps a refugee from the Huguenot
persecutions in France at that time? Could he perhaps have taken that name
as an assumed name to avoid detection in case of further persecution? If so,
we're barking up the wrong tree. My Swedish ancestors on my mother's side
changed names from Johnson(?) to Forsvall on the Trans-Atlantic trip just
because they thought the name was too 'common'.

Weather here in Odessa is great. Cool, in 60s most of the time for the past
few weeks. Ain't life grande?

Clay Quarterman
Odessa, Ukraine

> So, how are things, from Oxfordshire to Australia?
> It's partly cloudy here in Texas; rained last night.

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