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Quarterman Dates

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   [1]Quarterman Dates:  September 8.
   In 1951: Japan-U.S. Security Treaty signed, [2]this day
   In 1911: Laura Elizabeth Hargreaves b., Coffee Co.
   In 1756: Meeting House raising, ``Sep. 8, 1756, began to raise a
   Meeting House on the Neck between Midway and Newport.'' Source:
   In 1754: First Lord's Supper at Midway, ``Sept. 8, 1754. The Lord's
   Supper was for the first time administered among us.'' Source:
   [3]Tomorrow:  September 9.
   In 2000: Viking Ships in Maine, [4]Portland
   In 1850: CA,
   In 1582: George Sinclair d., Fourth Earl of [5]Caithness, dies in
   Edinburgh. [6]Buried at Rosslyn.
   In 1513: Battle of Flodden Field, [7]Many killed, including James IV,
   George Sinclair of Keiss, William Sinclair, second Earl of


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