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Re: Quarterman Dates

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>   [1]Quarterman Dates:  September 8.
>   In 1951: Japan-U.S. Security Treaty signed, [2]this day
>   In 1911: Laura Elizabeth Hargreaves b., Coffee Co.

Some of us know what that one was about.

>   In 1756: Meeting House raising, ``Sep. 8, 1756, began to raise a
>   Meeting House on the Neck between Midway and Newport.'' Source:
>   Stacy-R
>   In 1754: First Lord's Supper at Midway, ``Sept. 8, 1754. The Lord's
>   Supper was for the first time administered among us.'' Source:
>   Stacy-R.

These last two refer to events at Midway immediately after most of the
settlers had moved from Dorchester and Beech Hill, S.C. to Midway
and Newport, Georgia.  This was The Only Puritan Colony in the Southern
States, so this first communion was probably as important to them as
the event of a week and a half before:

 ``Articles and Rules of Incorporation Agreed upon by a Society
 Settled upon Midway and Newport in Georgia 28th of August, 1754.''

Also in 1754 they built a log meeting house.  Two years later, probably
not coincidentally also on Sept. 8, they started to build a more
substantial meeting house.  That second church building was burnt
by the British (Col. Prevost's troops from Florida) on Nov 27 1778.
They built a third one in 1784, when Rev. Abiel Holmes was pastor.
After he retreated to Massachusetts because he couldn't handle the
climate, they built the present church in 1792.  Albeit currently
held together by steel cables and moved sideways to make room for
a wider highway, it still stands.

The source for all these Midway events is Stacy's Records of Midway
Congregational Church; see

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net>

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>   2.

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