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RE: The Quatremains of Oxfordshire

Title: RE: The Quatremains of Oxfordshire


>Have you any idea where Robert Quarterman may have been born ?

Not really.  The best clue we have is that since he joined a group
of Puritans who themselves were mostly drawn from southern Oxon and
Dorset, he probably also came from that area.  Well, plus given the
planter nature of that community and of all his descendants, he
was probably not a city slicker, so I'd be surprised if he was
from Oxford itself.

The majority of Quartermans actually lived in small villages and hamlets surrounding Thame and Oxford ( and still do!)and the majority worked (apart from the Rycote Chapel arm of the family)as labourers on farms, or were craftsmen or hands ( butlers, cooks, gardeners etc) in large houses in the countryside. There are a few who ran guest houses or post offices, school teachers etc.


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