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Re: More Quarterman Names and Dates

Dear John,

Thank you for the Book "Quarterman Family".  I received it today.  I hope 
you can help me.  I would like to know how I go about imputing the family of 
"Leila Helen Quarterman (Leonard)".  As I found her name on page 251, I 
noticed that it was misspelled as "Lelia Leonard Quarterman".  I know it is 
my grandmother as the brothers, sisters (Aunt Sadie and Aunt Ethel, Uncle 
Otis, Allen, Archie & Everett, whom I had met)and parents #227 Lewis Walker 
Quarterman and Sarah Louisa Quarterman with correct dates.  Although I am 
not experienced at working on the project, I would like to learn.

There are no dates or entries after my grandmother's name.  Where do I enter 
those dates along with my father's information (as well as his sisters and 
brother), then my generation with brothers and next our children and 

I can't put the book down.  It is very interesting and easy reading!

Mickie Leonard
(13.16 - Great-grand daughter of 227 - Page 250)
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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