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Am seeking information on ANNIE QUARTERMAN and need some guidance and help.
    ANNIE QUARTERMAN, no birth date, died in 1864, in Adams Co., MS;  we 
think outside of  Natchez, at Quitman Plantation where she had gone to flee 
the Civil War. She was married to ALONZO R. TYLER, born December 21, 1818, in 
Worcester, Mass., died on September 13, 1887. in Natchez, MS. They were 
married on July 7, 1860 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Natchez, MS. The had a 
daughter, CARRIE TYLER, born May 8, 1862.
    There was a ROBERT QUARTERMAN in Natchez, but I have not been able to 
connect them yet. 
     Any help would be greatly appreciated.
     Dorothy O'Neill (Djaneo@aol.com)
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