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Best place to start is to try and find Birth, Marriage, and Death
certificates of your oldest relatives, as these give you links to the next
generation i.e. a marriage certificate will give you the names of bride and
grooms parents and the occupation of the fathers. you can trace back about
200 years in this way and then have to look at other records such as church
etc to go further. You can find this info on microfiche in your local
library presumably you live in the UK if your mail address has UK in it.
There are also census returns but you need to know where the family lived
but 100 year  confidentiality block. 

Also if you know that any relative served in armed forces lots of info

Let me know how you get on.


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I just found this site - I've always wanted to try and trace my family tree
and where my surname originated from etc.  My Dad is an only child and his
parents died about 2 years ago now so not much is really known as to whether
or not we have any distant relatives.  I would be very interested in finding
out about this.

Hope you can shed some light on this 

Karen Quarterman 

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