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Re: Unknown Quarterman

Unfortunately, it was too long ago.  I wish I had the VCR running at the time.

Yes I am your fourth cousin.  By the way, I have also been asked (on several
occasions) if I was related to a John Quarterman of Austin who has achieved
some notariety in the SW engineering field (I am a SW Eng.).  Would this be



"John S. Quarterman" wrote:

> >Three things:
> >
> >1) I believe he went to the Naval War College in Newport, RI shortly
> >before the Spring of 1984, when, as an Ensign, I attended Surface
> >Warfare Officer's School, also in Newport.  I kept getting his mail.
> >
> >2) I saw him on TV sometime during his tenure as CO of the USS Guam.  He
> >introduced Bob Hope in one of those televised USO Specials.
> What did he look like?
> >3) During my short stint in the Navy, I think I heard: "... and you must
> >be Capt. Quarterman's son?" about a thousand times.
> >
> >Unfortunately, I was never able to meet the man.  Based on comments from
> >those who did know him, he was very highly regarded.
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >John W. Quarterman (of the obscure Tallahassee branch of the Liberty
> >Quartermans)
> Hm.  Would you be
> John Wallace Quarterman
> son of Wallace Leonard Quarterman
> son of Alexander McDougal Quarterman
> son of Wallace Stacy Quarterman
> son of Nathaniel Pratt Quarterman
> son of Rev. Robert Quarterman
> and therefore my fourth cousin?
> John Sinclair Quarterman
> son of David Sinclair Quarterman Jr.
> son of David Sinclair Quarterman
> son of Thomas Shepard Quarterman
> son of Edward William Quarterman
> son of Rev. Robert Quarterman
> Your ancestor Pratt was actually one of the best known of the offspring
> of Rev. Robert Quarterman, so in that sense at least I'm not sure your
> claim to obscurity is correct.
> Regarding the name John Quarterman, I ran into a similar coincidence.
> When I moved to Austin there was a John Quarterman at nearby Bergstrom AFB.
> He is English; his daughter sometimes corresponds.
> John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>