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Re: Unknown Quarterman

Three things:

1) I believe he went to the Naval War College in Newport, RI shortly
before the Spring of 1984, when, as an Ensign, I attended Surface
Warfare Officer's School, also in Newport.  I kept getting his mail.

2) I saw him on TV sometime during his tenure as CO of the USS Guam.  He
introduced Bob Hope in one of those televised USO Specials.

3) During my short stint in the Navy, I think I heard: "... and you must
be Capt. Quarterman's son?" about a thousand times.

Unfortunately, I was never able to meet the man.  Based on comments from
those who did know him, he was very highly regarded.


John W. Quarterman (of the obscure Tallahassee branch of the Liberty

David Quarterman wrote:

> Ran across a Capt. John M. Quarterman, Jr. Capt. USS Guam LPH-9
> 1 Jul 1983 - 27 Apr 1985.
> Anyone know anything about him?
>                         David Quarterman