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Re: book


>For some reason my server will not let me get to the website for the 
>Quarterman Project book.

What sort of problems are you seeing?

>  I am also interested in the Quarterman Missionary Tape???

Clay's on this list.  Oh, Clay....

>Thanks for your help with where to direct a check, how much and Who to make 
>the check payable to.

See below.

>Mickie Leonard
>Granddaughter of Leila Helen Quarterman (b.1894-d.1984)

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>


                        Quarterman Family
                   of Liberty County, Georgia
                          and Relatives
                    by Jane Quarterman Comer,
  David Leon Quarterman, Stephen Patrick Quarterman, John Sinclair
                This book is first in the series
                  Families Helped Build America
  The book is Copyright (c) 1997 Quarterman Family History Project
                LCCN 97-69321 ISBN 0-87152-510-0
                  Publication arrangements by:
                 The Reprint Company, Publishers
                   Spartanburg, South Carolina

    997 pages
  3,500 individuals
  1,400 families
    250 written, oral, and other sources
    450 genealogical charts
  9,000 index entries (including women's married and maiden names)
     25 photographs
    347 years of family history in America
     79 years in the making

The list price of the book is $65.00, plus shipping and tax. 
                Shipping (UPS)
                                1-4 $8
                                5-9 $12
                              10-up $20
               Overseas airmail (varies)

              Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax. 

If you send a check for your payment, please make it out to Quarterman
Family History Project.

If you mail your order on paper, please send it to: 

 Quarterman Book
 c/o MIDS
 1106 Clayton Lane Suite 501W
 Austin, TX  78723

People with electronic mail or Internet access may be interested in
these addresses: