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Re: John Wellborn Martin

Dear Mickie,

I can't answer your question regarding Jeffery Gerrish; however, I have a 
Gerrish genealogy which was done in 1937. It dates from 1639 to 1937 - 
Gerrish's in America. I will be glad to make you a copy and mail to you if 
your furnish your address. It appears each generation of Gerrish's had many 
children. So there is a possibility. 

I just read the following on the 23rd page of the genealogy. Maybe we 
Gerrish's need to go claim Beaumont, Texas:

In the first of the last century there was a James Gerrish, who obtained from 
the Mexican Government a grant in Texas where the town of Beaumont now is, 
and the 
lawyers have been trying to locate his representatives so as to get a title.

This is the place where the great Texas Oil fields are located.

My grandmother Mary Ada Gerrish Quarterman was the 10th generation in America 
and married Joseph F. Quarterman.

I look forward in hearing from you.

Beverly Jones Saunders (daughter Dorothy Quarterman Jones)