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Re: The Quartermans of Camden County Georgia


>Hello John S. Quarterman.  Which line are you?  Probably know you, but
>don't remember.  Would enjoy hearing from you.
>Should have included my name. 

I'm one of the Liberty County Quartermans:

son: John QUARTERMAN Sr.
son: Thomas QUARTERMAN Sr.
son: Rev. Robert QUARTERMAN
son: Edward William QUARTERMAN
son: Thomas Shepard QUARTERMAN
son: David Sinclair QUARTERMAN
son: David Sinclair QUARTERMAN Jr.
son: John Sinclair QUARTERMAN

>Samuel Joseph Quarterman  (Joe Pete)
>>343 Doodle Hill Lane
>Conway, SC 29526-6244

I've spoken to you on the telephone before, I think.  I'm sure you've
talked to my brother David Leon.  Your address appears in our book
as the person to contact for Camden County Quarterman genealogy.

Welcome to the list.

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