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RE: Another Quarterman ancestor

Hi John,

I just wanted to let you know how helpful and informative your e-mails have
been.  The leads I have obtained from the web site and others has  sparked
interest from my grandmother on down.  We really appreciate your efforts and
willingness to share.

Have a Great Weekend!!!! 

Dianne Quarterman-Ochoa

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		>Hello Saundra,
		>I have a site you should check out.  It is the Camden
County, Georgia 
		>site...full of our side of the Q family.  You should start
there and search 
		>for any names that your older relatives may remember.  The
site address is: 
		>           www.camdencounty.org
		>Search through the cemetery listings and genealogy.  If you
want to go 
		>directly to cemetery listings, try this:
		>           www.camdencounty.org/gene/cemetery/q.html
		>I hope this works for you, let me know what you find out.
This is a great 
		>site for anyone looking for Q's.  Good day everyone!!!  Lee

		I've added a link to the above from www.quarterman.org.

		The three biggest Quarterman families in North America that
we know about are:

		The Liberty County, Georgia Quartermans, whose earliest
		Quarterman ancestor appeared in South Carolina in 1695 and
is presumed
		to have come from Oxfordshire.  Other ancestors of this
Midway group
		came to Massachusetts in 1630; they moved to S.C. in 1698
and to Midway
		in 1752.

		The Camden County, Georgia Quartermans, whose ancestors came
from Oxfordshire
		in the middle of the nineteenth century.

		The African-American Quartermans, who took their name from
the first group

		There is no known genealogical relationship among any of
those three groups.
		Probably the first two are related somewhere back in
Oxfordshire, but nobody
		has yet managed to track that down.

		We have corresponded with about half a dozen other
Quarterman groups
		in the U.S., Canada, or Australia, plus of course
Quartermans in England,
		many of them represented by subscribers who are on this

		The author of the Quarterman One Name Study has said he has
found about
		30 Quarterman families worldwide.

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