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Re: King Solomon's Mines

>An interesting Quartermain coincidence?
>On St. Michel:  "Alexander St. Michel (S. Pepys father-in-law) . . .  In 1667 
>he petitioned the king, asserting that he had discovered King Solomon's 
>gold and silver mines, and the Diary ... contains a curious commentary 
>upon these visions of wealth:--"
>I am not clear on the Pepys/Quarterman connection

As previously discussed in this list, a William Quarterman was a physician
to King Charles II, and dined with Pepys more than once on the ship that
carried Charles back to England for the Restoration:

> ó but the book 
>King Solomonís Mines  (by British writer H. R. Haggard) has a
>jungle-exploring protagonist who goes by the name of Alan Quartermain.
>The book is one in a series of Quartermain adventures.

The spelling Henry Rider Haggard used was Allan Quatermain.
Somewhere (that I have not since been able to track down) I read
that Haggard once said that he took the name Quatermain from some
Oxfordshire residents he knew.  More recently I read (also
somewhere I can't track down right now) that he based the character
very loosely on a historical British explorer of Africa.

There have been several movies of Haggard's Quatermain books,
for example the ones starring Richard Chamberlain.

Allan is going to be famous again next year, because he's being
played by Sean Connery in the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,
based on a comic book series of the same title.

>Thank you for all the interesting additions to the Quarterman Family 
>web site,

You're welcome.

>Crystal Zinn
>(of the PA Quarterman family)

PS: A piece of Haggard trivia:
 Q: Who was the only modern author J.R.R. Tolkien admitted had influenced him?
 A: H. Rider Haggard, specifically regarding the Strider character.
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