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Dr. Blair at Oxford


Do we know whether John Blair is a Don at Queens College or a student? I live in Oxford so I could try phoning or visiting the college?
Here's more information on Dr. John Blair and who he is.  

Dr John Blair 
M.A., D.Phil., F.S.A.
Lecturer (CUF) in Modern History
The Queen's College
Email: john.blair@queens.ox.ac.uk 
Dr Blair's interests lie in the settlement, landscape and society of Anglo-Saxon England, especially local church organization and the parochial system, with an emphasis on archaeological evidence. 

I sent Dr. Blair an e-mail requesting information on why he believes William, the man-at-arms in the Domesday book, to be a Quatremaine.  I'm sure he must be quite busy, but I'm hoping to hear from him.  I gave him the e-mail address of this discussion group, as well as my own, so if he has time and is so inclined, perhaps we'll hear from him here.

Meanwhile, regarding the article itself, perhaps a library at Queens College (or elsewhere at Oxford) might have back issues of the English Historical Review available.  Do these University libraries allow access by the public?  If so, that's our most likely solution.  

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