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As I have yet to introduce myself on this discussion list, I guess I ought to do so.  

I'm Connie, granddaughter of Mary Ethel Quarterman.  My recent interest in "all things genealogical" has produced a wealth of information on our Quarterman and related ancestors.  I've learned a great deal by scrounging around the archives of this list, and learning who everyone is and what everyone knows.  Thanks so much for sharing!  I'm looking forward to reading the Quarterman book soon, too, and learning even more.

I have such wonderful memories of visiting my grandmother (we called her "Dandy") in Flemington (Liberty County).  Of course we visited the church and cemetery, but being small I mostly remember the smell of Dandy's buttery cookies and the fig newtons she always had around, and cane-pole fishing with my granddaddy "Tez."

It's as an adult that I'm really coming to appreciate the richness of our heritage.  Thanks, Clayton, for letting us know what our family is doing in the Ukraine.  I've been in touch with Mickie, but things have been a bit quiet lately, so I'm assuming she's having another fruitful trip to Russia to teach English.  I have wished for many years to go to Russia.  I almost went one year with a group from my church, but my passport arrived a bit late.  

One day I'll make it there, but right now I'm busy raising the next generation of Quarterman descendants--two little girls, 2 and 3.  I find time to work at a local radio station, which you can access on the web at wmqz.com.  Right now I voice weather forecasts and community events, but starting May 20, I'll be hosting a new "oldies" music show from 11 to 1pm central time, or 12 to 2pm eastern time.  Feel free to tune in if you can access music on the web.

Well, that's me, I guess.  Thanks to John S. Q. for a great web site here, with lots of great information.  And thanks to all of you who have introduced yourselves and posted information for the rest of us.  We're a lively and friendly bunch, from what I've seen.:-) 

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