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Re: Susan Quarterman

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>Subject: Susan Quarterman
> I am researching ancestors from of near Cleversburg PA. I am looking specifically for information about Susan Quarterman, grandmother to my g-grandmother, Sarah Jane Adams. Sarah's photo shows her to be clearly of mixed race origin. Her father, James Adams married Susanne Hippensteel, daughter of John Hippensteel and Susan Quarterman.
>I am curious if there is any known link between this Susan Quarterman and Melungeon ancestry. This is the branch of the family where it is rumored to have "Indian" blood. Our family share some physical traits (teeth and eyes) of Melungeon (or mixed race) groups.
>Any input about Susan Quarterman (1806-1882) from this region would be greatly appreciated.

I have no Hippensteel names listed, but my info on the Pa. Quartermans is
basically noexistant. I have several Susan Quartermans, but they all seem
to be connected to the Georgia group, no missing spouses.

				David Quarterman
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