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Re: The Mary & the John

>Am I correct in assuming that the first Quarterman was Robert Quarterman,

The earliest documented Quarterman ancestor of the Midway Quartermans
was a Robert Quarterman.

> whom is believed to have arrived in Dorchester, Mass.

No, he first appears in Dorchester, S.C., in 1695 or 1698.

> on the Mary & the John,

We don't know what ship he came on, but it wasn't that one.

Other Midway ancestors did come to Massachusetts, some on that ship.

> crossing in 1630 and later lived and died in Dorchester, SC?

Since he died in 1710, he would have been more than 80 years old
if he came in 1630, and he would have emigrated at a very early age.

Despite many years of searching by many people, there is no known
evidence of any Quartermans in Massachusetts or New England in
Colonial times.

>  A friend is a Holcomb and his ancestors are listed on the original manifest.
>  He subscribes to the publications that list directories of families that cam
>e over on the Mary & John (which made several trips).  
>Is there any documentation that officially links us to the original colony and
> England?

Indeed many of our ancestors came to New England in the 17th century,
starting in 1630 on the Mary and John.

And many of them moved south to Dorchester, S.C. in 1695.

And south again in 1752-54 to Midway and Newport, Georgia.

However, the Midway Quarterman line first appears in Berkeley County,
South Carolina in 1695 or 1698.  No ancestors of that Robert Quarterman
have ever been found in S.C., Mass., or England.  The search continues.

There is much more about this in our book:
 Quarterman Family of Liberty County, Georgia and Relatives.


Discussion about the Midway Quartermans mostly goes on on the book list,
for which see:

I'm about to post on the book list a lengthy message about our ancestors
and the Salem Witch trials.

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