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Re: Henry Way(e)

>My family came over on the Mary and John in 1630
>Henry Way(e) and he was married to an Elizabeth Batchelar
>I have found points on their journey but somehow it doesnt make alot of sense 
>Like as to how long the journey was?
>And how many journey's he made? 

I've long been puzzled by those things, as well.

Which points on their journey did you find?

In Kuhns' book, Mary and John, she says that Henry Way came to Dorchester
on the Mary and John in 1631, and that ``A son of Henry Way is said
to have drowned in the winter passage of the Ship `Lion,' charted by
the Government to go to Bristol, England, for food for the colonists
in 1631.''

There's also a school of thought that he actually arrived 8 Feb 1631
with his family on the Lyon, from Bristol.  One of his sons was lost
at sea.

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