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Quarterman Dates

   November 9

   1786: Rev. Jedidiah Morse ordained, ``After preaching one year, Mr.
   Holmes' health becoming impaired, he went to the north and instead of
   returning in the fall, as he intended, he made arrangement with his
   friend, Mr., afterwards Rev. Dr. Jedidiah Morse, then a tutor in Yale
   College, by which an exchange of duties and place was temporarily
   effected, Mr. Holmes taking his place in the tutorship and the church
   agreeing `to pay the salry of Mr. Holmes to the time of his arrival to
   the northward,' and that of Mr. Morse from the time he set off to go
   to them, and to continue one month after leaving. Mr. Morse was
   ordained November 9, 1786, and next day set sail for Georgia, where he
   remained six months.'' -- Stacy in his History. Source: Stacy-H

   1799: Napoleon becomes first consul of France,

   1861: Battle of Piketon Ky,

   1918: Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates, after German defeat in WW I

   1940: Germany invaded Norway & Denmark in WW II,


   1. http://www.quarterman.org/q/timeline.html
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