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Quarterman Dates

   November 5

   1605: Guy Fawkes Plot, to blow up parliament fails. The Gunpowder Plot
   of 1605 was a multifaceted Catholic conspiracy, a part of the
   counter-reformation, directly known to and tolerated by the leading
   Jesuits in England. The plot was designed to commit terrorism in
   England by Guy Fawkes and other Catholics motivated by religious
   persecution, financial reward and political power.

   1698: Darien sick ashore, Sick are put ashore in Darien. More men land
   to clear the ground and build huts.

   1729: Rev. Jonathan Bowman,

   1752: Guy Fawkes Day, Preparations for Guy Fawkes Day and Bonfire
   Night celebrations include making the effigies, or "guys" that will be
   burned on the bonfire. In some parts of Great Britain, children keep
   up an old tradition by walking in the streets, carrying the "guy" and
   beg passers by for "a penny for the guy." Bonfire Night is celebrated
   all over the United Kingdom the effigies are placed on top of the
   bonfire, which is then set alight; and fireworks displays fill the
   sky. --[3]labehotierre@wanadoo.fr

   1781: John Hanson, is elected President of the United States in
   Congress, holding the office for one year as presiding officer of

   1875: Susan B Anthony arrested, for attempting to vote


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   2. mailto:labehotierre@wanadoo.fr
   3. mailto:labehotierre@wanadoo.fr
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