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Wonwondah Station

Do we have any Australian correspondants who know anything about this?

``As stated previously, Wonwondah Station was sold in 1854, being
purchased by John Quarterman. I have been unable to find any details on
Mr Quarterman but I have a copy of a letter written by him, to the Crown
Lands Department Melbourne dated 1856, notifying that he had given a
half share of the Wonwondah Station to John Rutherford. A local story,
of many years ago told to my mother, said that Rutherford cured the
"scab" disease in the sheep on the Wonwondah Station and was rewarded by
Quarterman by this gift. Another letter (copy in my possession) dated
1865, requests the division of the Wonwondah Run into North and South,
Rutherford taking the South section, and each paying seven hundred and
eighty-three pounds, six and eight pence, rental per year.''


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