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Quarterman Dates

   July 30

   1178: Barbarossa of Burgundy, Frederick I (Barbarossa), crowned King
   of Burgundy

   1619: Virginia House of Burgesses forms, House of Burgesses Virginia
   forms, 1st elective American governing unit

   1620: Virginia House of Burgesses meets, The House of Burgesses first
   meeting in Jamestown, Virginia.

   1729: Baltimore, Baltimore founded

   1733: Freemasons in U.S., Society of Freemasons opens 1st American
   lodge Boston Mass.

   1768: Capt. Cook sails, Captain Cook set sail on his first voyage.

   1775: Capt. Cook returns, Captain Cook with Resolution returns to

   1777: Washington in Germantown, George Washington occupies Germantown,

   1778: Lafayette in RI, Lafayette was sent to Rhode Island.

   1792: la Marseillaise, 500 Marseillaisian men sing France's national
   anthem for 1st time

   1862: US incivility, the US government refused to clothe and equip
   black soldiers in the Civil War.

   1863: Lincoln eye-for-eye, Pres Lincoln issues "eye-for-eye" order to
   shoot a rebel prisoner for every black prisoner shot

   1864: Battle of the Crater, Gen. Burnside fails in attack of

   1866: NO Race riot, Race riot in New Orleans

   1878: anti-semitism, German anti-semitism begins during the Reichstag

   1898: corn flakes, Will Kellogg invents Corn Flakes

   1908: world road race, Around the World Automobile Race ends in Paris

   1916: German sabotage, German saboteurs blow up a munitions plant on
   Black Tom Island, NJ

   1928: movies, George Eastman shows 1st color motion pictures

   1942: WAVES, FDR signs bill creating women's Navy auxiliary agency

   1942: Minsk massacre, Nazi SS kills 25,000 Jews in Minsk, Belorussia

   1945: Indianopolis sinks, Philippines Sea: US cruiser Indianapolis
   torpedoed/sinks, 880 die

   1949: Amethyst escapes, British warship HMS Amethyst escape down
   Yangtze River, having been refused a safe passage by Chinese
   Communists after 3-month standoff

   1956: In God We Trust, US motto "In God We Trust" authorized

   1963: Philby surfaces, Spy Kim Philby appears in Moscow after his
   flight from England

   1971: Apollo 15 lands, US Apollo 15 (Scott & Irwin) lands on Mare
   Imbrium on the Moon

   1971: Bangladesh album, George Harrison releases "Bangladesh"

   1974: Nixon impeachment approved, House Judiciary Committee, by a vote
   of 21-17, approved the 3rd & last charge of "high crimes &
   misdemeanors" to impeach President Nixon in the Watergate cover-up.
   Was ignoring congressional subpoenas.


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