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Quarterman Dates

   July 14

   1698: Darien expedition sails, The first expedition sails from Leith,
   anchors at Kirkcaldy.

   1781: Col. Lee takes back Dorchester, Source: McIlvaine

   1789: Bastille Day, Symbolic end of the French Monarchy and the
   beginning of the First Republic. The people of Paris rose up and
   marched on the Bastille, a state prison that characterized the
   absolutism and arbitrariness of the Kings Regime. The storming of the
   Bastille immediately became a symbol of historical dimension; it was
   verification that power no longer resided in the King as God's
   representative, but in the people.

   1881: Billy the Kid d., William H. Bonney Junior, alias "Billy the
   Kid," shot and killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett at Fort Sumner, New

     There's many a man with face fine and fair
     Who starts out in life with a chance to be square
     But just like poor Billy, he wanders astray
     And loses his life in the very same way.


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