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Quarterman Dates

   May 12

   1791: Midway addresses Washington, The Church and Society of Midway
   and Newport addressed President Washington during his visit to
   Georgia. ``The hatchet is now buried, and we smoke with our Indian
   neighbors the calumet of peace.'' Source: Stacy-R

   1791: Pres. Washington in Savannah,
   [2]On this morning President Washigton visited Purrysburg on the
   Savannah River -- his last visit in South Carolina. There, Georgia
   officials met Washington to escort him onto a barge-like vessel for
   the twenty-five mile trip to Savannah. As the river took them past
   Mulberry Grove plantation, Washington had made plans to stop so he
   could visit Catharine (Caty) Greene, widow of Revolutionary Gen.
   Nathanael Greene. Washington spent several hours with his long-time
   friend and promised to stop by again in four days on his way to
   Augusta. Arriving in Savannah after sundown, Washington found the city
   brightly illuminated in celebration of his visit. Thus began four days
   of ceremonies, receptions, dinners, dances, and other formalities for
   Savannah's most important visitor in its 58-year history.


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