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Re: Cousins?"

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>Subject: Cousins?"
>Does anyone know me?  I am the son of Frank (Buster) and Dottie Quarterman,
>grew up in Brunswick and lived there from birth till 1958.  Please contact.

Am not aware of you, but may have mention of your father. I have a Francis
Bailey ``Frank'' Quarterman b. 30 Jul 1882, d. 11 Jun 1947. No mention
of wife or children.  His father was Henry B. Quarterman and mother
Mary Malvina Summerall.

If this is your father then you are part of the group of Quartermans who
came to Georgia in the early 1800's, descendants of Jospeh Quarterman
from Oxfordshire, England.

I am descended from the group that descend from Robert Quarterman who is 
first found in Charleston, S. C. in 1698. The thought is that he came
from Oxfordshire too, but currently we have no proof of this.

				David Quarterman
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