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Re: Quarterman Dates

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These are the dates and names I was given by my natural grandmother who was 
born in Savannah, GA Nov. 2, 1913 as Anne Eulese Quarterman.
Her mothers and fathers relatives came to the US from England and Scotland on 
the ship John and Mary in and around 1630. Her mothers maiden name was Helen 
Rutherford Marston. Helens parents were John Marston and Emma Trout (maiden 
Her mothers fathers name was Louis Walker Quarterman his fathr was the same 
name his mothers name was Sara Elizabeth waters.(maiden name)
Annes parents had 7 children,2 died young. ist anne,Helen, Louis,John(jack) 
then Mary.
Helen , Anne and Louis have passed away. John lives in Sheradon, Wyoming Mary 
in Orange Park FL.
In Pensacola, FL there is a statue of a Marston that was killed in WW1.
She also told me that the book Children of Pride by Myers talks about the 
Does anyone have any further info for me?
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