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Quarterman Dates

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   March 30
   1630: Mary and John sails from Plymouth, ``In the early part of the
   year 1630, a company of Puritan emigrants, gathered principally from
   the counties of Devon, Dorcet, and Somersetshire, met at the New
   Hospital, Plymouth, England, with a view of emigrating to the New
   World. After a day of fasting and prayer, and a sermon by Rev. John
   White, who had manifested deep interest in their undertaking, they
   selected Rev. John Warham, of Execeter, and Rev John Maverick, as
   their ministers. On March 30, 1630, the colony embarked for New
   England, in a vessel of four hundred tons, chartered for the purpose,
   named Mary and John, and commanded by Captain Squeb. There were one
   hundred and forty passengers - a company of God-fearing people - as we
   are told, `the word of God was preached and expounded every day during
   the voyage.' '' - Stacy, History.
   1700: Pimienta offers to treat, with the Scots of Darien again.
   1775: Rev. Bowman d.,


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