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Re: Quarterman ancestor

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>I am living in Los Angeles California.  I have relatives in Savannah Ga.  My 
>name is Saundra Quarterman  and I'm curiously anticipating my lineage.  My 
>Grandfathers name is Andrew Quarterman, Great grandfather-Grady Quarterman, 
>Grt.Grt. Grandfather Robert Quarterman, and Grt.Grt.Grt. Grandfather-Issac.  
>Am I any relation to the Liberty Quartermans or are we another branch.
>Signed "waiting"
>Saundra Quarterman

Apologies for missing this one at the time it was posted.

Unfortunately, I can't place the lineage you post among my Liberty County,
Georgia, family.

Are you by any chance the television actress?
There are two Quarterman families from Liberty County, Georgia,
one white, one black.  The black family has many members in
Savannah these days.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net>
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