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Re: Quarterman Dates

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>Interesting; where exactly is Jonesville located?

There is a Jonesville, Georgia, near Alabama, but it's not that one.

The Jonesville referred to here was named after Samuel Jones, Sr.,
who died in 1771.  It is apparently now called Jones, which can be seen
on maps of Georgia in northwest McIntosh County, near Liberty and
Long Counties.  Rev. John Way Quarterman's parents, Edward William
Quarterman and Adaline Way (my great-great-grandparents), bought the
house of Rev. Axson in Jonesville in about 1836.

Jonesville was one of the Midway retreats, where people went in the
hot summers to avoid malaria.  Like the others (Walthourville, Flemington,
and Dorchester), Jonesville became a somewhat separate settlement.
Unlike them, it did not survive the war in sufficient condition to
start its own church, and our family attended the Presbyterian Church
in Darien.

According to The Children of Pride, p. 1651, regarding Rev. J.W. Quarterman:
 After attending Oglethorpe University for two years (1859-1861) he
 enlisted as a private in the Liberty Independant Troop (Company G, 5th
 Regiment Georgia Cavalry) and later as third corporal in the Liberty
 Mounted Rangers (Company B, 20th Battalion Georgia Cavalry). On
 February 21st, 1864, shortly before leaving with his company for
 Virginia, he married Laura Younge McCollough (1843-1925), daughter of
 James Sulivan McCollough (1810-1883) and Hannah Elizabeth Quarterman
 (1814-1885), of Walthourville. After the war he studied theology
 under the direction of the Rev. Richard Quarterman Way (1819-1895);
 during his long ministry he served a number of churches in South
 Georgia; Darien (1871-1873), Mount Vernon (1873-1875), Blackshear
 (1875-1880), Waycross (1880-18945), Marlow and Pooler (1895-1904),
 Dawson and Smithville (1904-1914). He died at his residence in Beach,
 Georgia, on April 4th, 1916. His wife died in Waycross on December
 3rd, 1925.

Jane Sinclair Quarterman wrote this about him:
 He joined Midway Church 5/22/1858, served as a deacon, was licensed
 by Georgia Presbytery 3/21/1868, supplied Mineral Springs 1868-1869,
 Waynesville and Brunswick 1869, Darien 1870, ordained by Savannah
 Presbytery 4/8/1871. He was pastor at Darien 1871-1873, Mt. Vernon 1875,
 stated supply and teacher at Blackshear and Waynesville 1875-1879,
 teacher and supply at Waycross, Waynesville and Hazelhurst 1880-1883.
 He was the organizing Minister of the Waycross, Ga. Presbyterian
 Church. He organized a church in Worth County in 1885, supplied at
 Poulan, St. Mary's, King's Ferry and Maddox 1875 and in 1895 was elected
 as stated clerk of Savannah Presbytery which he held until his death.
 He taught school to supplement minister's pay so he could afford to
 save time going to distant churches by riding on a train rather than
 taking a horse and buggy.

There is much more about him in our book, Quarterman Family of Liberty
County, Georgia, and Relatives.  He's frequently mentioned in various
other sources, particularly anything that has to do with the church
in Waycross that he founded.

>Dianne Quarterman-Ochoa

Seems like you're following in the learned family footsteps....

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net>

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>   1841: Rev. John Way Quarterman b., Jonesville
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