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Re: Quarterman Dates

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>   [1]Tomorrow:
>   January 25
>   In 1696: Dorchester S.C. prayer meeting, ``The prayer-meeting held on
>   Saturday afternoon before, in view of the fact that several of them
>   expected to leave on Monday morning for New England (probably for
>   their families as already hinted),...'' - Stacy in his History.
>   Source: Stacy-H

I case anyone is wondering what the above running saga is about,
it's Rev. Stacy's narrative (mostly from Elder Pratt's diaries) 
about how the Dorchester S.C. colony came to be founded from
Dorchester, Mass.  This is the same colony that later moved
to Midway and Newport, Georgia, in 1752-4.  That is, for those
of us Midway Quartermans, many of these people were our ancestors.

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