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Quarterman Dates

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   January 19
   In 639: Dagobert I d., King of Austrasia, Soissons, Burgundy, and
   In 1736: Darien, John McIntosh Mohr founds New Inverness ([2]Darien),
   Georgia. [3]On the 19th of January, after traveling down the inland
   waterway by boat, the Highlanders landed at Barnwell's Bluff on the
   site of Fort King George. There the Scots established the settlement
   they called Darien, in memory of the ill-fated expedition made by
   their countrymen to the Isthmus of Darien in Panama in 1697. There
   were 177 people in this hardy band of Scots, including women and
   children, and they were led by John McIntosh Mohr and Hugh Mackay.
   In 1736: Presbyterians in Georgia,
   [4]Rev. John McLeod of the Isle of Skye is the first Presb. minister
   in Ga., at Darien.
   In 1942: Japan invades Burma,


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